Public Class Cancellation and Refund Policy

Public Class Cancellation and Refund Policy
Treat your paid class reservation as you would theater tickets. In the event you are unable to attend, you may send someone to take your place. There is no need to call or notify us of the change. Your replacement will only need to provide us with the name of the registered participant at the time of class.
Chef Alice Cooking reserves the right to cancel any class not meeting enrollment standards, to change recipes, or to adjust class limits. It is extremely rare for a class to be cancelled due to bad weather. In case of such cancellations, attendees will be notified by email and phone, and offered a full refund or credit toward a future class. 
Allergies & Special Needs
When registering, participants must assume and accept the responsibility of notifying Chef Alice Cooking of any allergies to foods, diet restrictions or other special needs of their self and/or child.
Acknowledgment of Risk (Liability Waiver)
When registering, participants must assume and accept that they will be participating in cooking activities where there is a natural element of risk of injury with kitchen appliances, equipment, knives and allergic reactions. Registering for a Chef Alice Cooking class acknowledges this level of risk to yourself and/or child while participating in the activities at Chef Alice Cooking.
Photo Permission
Participants give permission for photographs, digital images, and/or videotape of themselves and/or child to be used for future promotional or marketing material at Chef Alice Cooking. Thank you for your cooperation.