Nothing makes me happier than hearing from students, past and present. After all, it is why i do what I do!

Team Builder: Vietnamese
Chef Alice,
Thank you for the wonderful time your provided our Certapro team. Last year, we did a rock climbing team builder, and it didn’t come close to your class. I’m glad you talked us into Vietnamese and accommodating our assorted diets! The games were fun and so were you!! Three of us that didn’t know which end of a knife to hold, now know how to “rock and chop” like a pro, so thanks for that! I will highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a great team builder!.”
Valerie Wong

Thai Cooking Demo
Chef Alice,
Thank you again for a most informative and fun and engaging cooking demonstration on Thai cuisine. It’s been a week, and our students are still talking about it. I especially like how you motivated them to join in to create a fabulous Thai lunch. We hope to work with you again.
Barbara Kaplan
Family and Consumer Science Department
Pocono Mountain East H.S.

Thai Cooking Demo
Hi Alice,
Thanks so much for all of your time and instruction last night. The demonstration of Thai cooking was GREAT!!!! The soup took me back about 7 years ago when I used to go to Penn State and eat at a Viet-Thai restaurant. It was the same flavor profile and delicious then and now.
Thank you again for all of your expertise shared among so many.
Paul Harvey Schmid, SNS
Food Services Director
East Stroudsburg Area School District

French Class
Dear Chef Alice,
Thank you so much for the incredible surprise birthday class you gave Charlotte, and the birthday balloon and gift; what a great touch!. We couldn’t stop raving about making a soufflé and have already put to use our knife skills. We will be returning for your Thai class in April with our friends
Dave Collins

Big Taste, Small Waist: Mexican
Hi Alice!
Thank you for a wonderful fun filled experience. I had a great time. The cooking was great, food was delicious and you were the best; so knowledgeable. I am now educated in “use the middle of the knife”. What more could a student want at a cooking school. Looking forward to many more educational, fun filled adventures.
Mike Donnelly

Cooking Demonstration at Clymer Library
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Chef Alice, for providing the Clymer Library with such an outstanding Italian Hors D’Oeuvres cooking demonstration on Saturday, July 15, 2006. The guests who attended were very impressed with the multitude of cooking knowledge you possessed, your wonderful sense of humor, your professionalism and of course the well-presented and delicious Hors D’Oeuvres you prepared.
We look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Thank you again.
Marlene Chamblee

Thank You from Long-Time Student
Tonight I decided to cook a pork loin. I had looked up a quick recipe (took it as a guide rather than following it) and it called for roasting the pork. Instead though, I seared it and then finished it off in the oven. I liked the way it all came out, but Manny just said it was “delicious!” I think that’s the first time I he’s ever said that!
I had to share because it’s your teachings that got me to the point of being able to be confident enough to break off of what I looked up. Searing the pork kept in all that yummy flavor and I kept hearing you in my head “Color equals flavor!” LOL! So thank you, thank you! Wow, a few years ago I never had even cooked a pork loin! I don’t think I would have ever even bought one. I’m just smiling ear to ear thinking about him saying it was delicious!!!
Gloria Perez
Plantation, FL

Team Building Class: Mediterranean
Hi Alice,
Thank you so much for the wonderful team building class you held for the management team at the Hampton Inn Easton! A cooking class is perfect for team building – managers on my staff that typically do not work directly with each other were able to do so in a fun and educational atmosphere. I highly recommend your classes to any organization looking for a unique way to strengthen their team while having fun. Keep up the good work!
Lorrie Miller
General Manager
Hampton Inn

10th Birthday Party, Wok n’ Roll!
Dear Alice,
I cannot thank you enough for making Page’s party so special. Your infinite patience with teaching the girls, and making sure they were all participating was amazing! They were raving about you and the food they prepared the entire way home! Thank you again!

Surprise Birthday: Italian 
Hello Alice,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what a wonderful time we had yesterday. Thanks for making John’s birthday a memorable one. I appreciate all of the added touches and attention to detail which made it even more special. Thanks so much. We will be back again soon.
Take care,

Surprise Birthday Class for Two: Mexican
Hi Alice,
I hope this message finds you and your family in Great Spirits and with GOD’S Blessings! Thanks again for the wonderful service you provided for me on my birthday. :) I truly enjoyed myself and savored being in the presence of someone with like interests and career goals. Keep in touch and I will do the same. Take care and GOD BLESS!
Terrell Cochran
Atlanta, GA

11th Birthday Party: Wok n’ Roll
Dear Chef Alice,
I just wanted to say how much my daughter Paige and her friends enjoyed her very unique birthday party at Chef Alice Cooking. All the girls were so excited to go and could not stop talking about how much fun they had learning about cooking. They were very proud of the skills that you taught them and left the party with great confidence in themselves. Every detail of the party was perfectly planned and you made her day very, very special. I was so impressed with the way that you taught the girls; they were thrilled that they were the ones doing the cooking with the skills that you had taught them. What a great experience for me as well to be able to relax and enjoy a lovely meal and I didn’t have to lift a finger :) Thank you for making us feel like part of your family. You are truly a gem!
Melissa Schwartz

Team Builder Mediterranean Class
Dear Alice,
I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful Mediterranean cooking class you gave our sales team. When we arrived, we were blown away by your welcome, the research about our company, and preparation to detail. It was also clear you’d worked out the timing well ahead of the class so that everything would be ready together. Your professionalism was obvious and your enthusiasm and humor, infectious! In a nutshell, our best team builder.
Wayne M.

Former Student Misses You
I just wanted to tell you I always think of you when I’m chopping or dicing. It always makes me smile. I really never thought cooking could be fun until I met you. I think sweeping floors could be fun with you though.
You know what I always loved about you is how passionate you were about ingredients. I loved shopping with you at the little markets in the area. I still go in sometimes and only God and the shop keeper know what I am really buying. I have been trying Indian food; you taught me curry. I’m not getting better so much as holding my own.
You taught me to ask at Publix if I needed less than a giant package of ginger or something. I still make the hummus like you taught me. I was your little “grasshopper” and I learned many wisdoms. You touch so many lives. What a blessing you are.
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Knife Skills
Dear Chef Alice,
I treated my family to a beautiful Sunday dinner which consisted of the menu we prepared in the knife-skills class. THEY LOVED EVERY BITE! I intend to give a class as a gift to my best friend as we cook whenever we are together!
Thank you again for a wonderful lesson, and I will be in touch soon!
Gena Campbell

Team Building: Tasting Thailand
Dear Alice,
Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Our sales team is still talking about what a fun and unique outing this was. It was exciting to first create a meal together and even better to sit down and share the experience of trying our impressive results! You are an incredibly gracious host and teacher! You helped demystify Thai cuisine. We look forward to our next class.
Great Wolf Lodge
Sales & Marketing Dept.

Birthday Class for Four: Thai
Hi Alice,
Thanks for a great class last nigh! You provided a very relaxed and inviting evening for us. We came home with some new ideas and skills which we intend to try out soon.(Must practice that knife technique!) The food was superb, and so were you!
Thanks again,

Surprise Birthday: French
Thank you again so much for making my wife’s birthday such a wonderful event for both of us. You were absolutely professional, entertaining, funny as all heck, and the food was out of this world. I have never enjoyed fish more in my life! You have inspired us to cook and to experiment so much more.
Peter Tucker
Port St Lucie, FL

Private Class: Latin & Caribbean
This is WAY overdue, but thanks again for such an enjoyable experience earlier this month. The food was amazing per usual, and it was great getting to spend an with the best chef in the Poconos! We want to make another trip up to Scranton in the fall, maybe mid October-ish, for another class? Let me know and hopefully we can schedule something soon!
Thanks again!
Ted & Rachel
Cleveland. OH

Gluten-Free Cooking
Hello Alice,
We wanted to drop you a note and a small gift to let you know how much the ladies and I enjoyed your program on gluten-free cooking. You are not only a terrific communicator, but have incredible wit and patience with all of our questions. We learned so many tips from you, not to mention all of the readily available ingredients that we didn’t know were gluten-free. Your recipes and resource list will facilitate us recreating your fabulous recipes!
Helen Waldman

The Frogtown Inn & 6 Acres Restaurant
Hi All,
This is Chef Lyman Winner from The Frogtown Inn and 6 Acres Restaurant.  Just wanted to write in and let everyone know how great it was to have Chef Alice come to the restaurant, as a guest chef,  and run her Thai menu.  Our guests loved it!!!! Everyone I talked to was very impressed with the menu and Chef Alice and Bob”s hospitality.
P.S. As a chef it”s always fun to work with other chefs, especially Chef Alice, she”s a great teacher and I learned a lot over the weekend she spent in my kitchen.

Big Taste, Small Waist: Asian Cooking
Dear Chef Alice,
I want to send a big “Thank You” for the cooking class you gave my husband and I a few weeks ago. We had a great time and really appreciated all the time you spent with us. We’ve told just about everyone we know about the class and how much we enjoyed it. I wish you all the best with your business and who knows, maybe we’ll be back again for another class!
PS – My husband had always wanted to take a cooking class and he said it was better than he ever would have expected. It was his favorite birthday present.
Laura Dutt,
New York, New York

Gluten Free Cooking Class
Hi Chef Alice,
I want to thank you for all your help and creativity in the gluten-free dishes. They were absolutely fabulous. My mother was shocked at the brownies and how great they tasted! If you have the Gluten-Free Baking Class, let me know I’m definitely interested in attending your class again. I loved the food so much, I’m gonna be investing my time into more Gluten-free recipes.
Thanks again!
Jaqueline Klein-Schmidt

Team Building: Mediterranean
Hi Alice,
“We can not speak highly enough of your program! We had such a wonderful, wonderful time with you on our team building field trip. Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home and allowing us the pleasure of learning and playing in your exquisite kitchen. You are a true artist and it shows!!! It is refreshing to witness someone take such pride in the mastery of their work; that alone made the experience worthwhile- but throw in a gourmet dinner and knife skills to be envied… now that was the icing on the cake! We left your home with our spirits enlightened and our senses enlivened. Your warm personality and inviting demeanor truly set the tone for our leadership experience.
“Thank you!”
PPD Faculty and Staff
Wilkes University

Surprise Birthday: Vietnamese
Hello Alice,
Tracy and I had a wonderful time cooking with you. We have told everyone about the fantastic meal we prepared. We are planning on preparing the same meal next week for my brother and sister-in-law.
Thanks again so much,
Greg Stark

Class for Two: Chinese
Dear Chef Alice,
Our Chinese cooking class tonight far exceeded my expectations, and I came away with a deeper knowledge of the cuisine than I’ve ever had before. The tidbits I picked up tonight are absolutely worth their weight in gold. I am impressed and inspired by the extreme care and professionalism you exhibited in the preparation of our class and meal, and greatly appreciate the huge amount of time you took to lay the groundwork for our visit. It is rare in our society nowadays to find someone who goes the extra mile to do their job to the utmost of their ability and to share their talent in such a meaningful way with others. I can’t thank you enough for an absolutely fantastic evening which is going to make a permanent positive inpact on my cooking ability.
Thanks again and take care.
Rebecca Savastio

Knife Skills
Chef Alice,
I had a such wonderful time at last night’s class. I still cannot believe how much fun it was and how much I learned in just a few hours! You are not alone a wonderful chef, you are a top notch instructor. You really have a knack for making everything easy and fun.
I now feel more confident in my knife skills and feel that I have a good handle on it. (No pun intended! LOL). I can’t wait to put the new knowledge into practice.
I’m definitely looking forward to more classes in the future.
Speak to you soon,
Kerry Perez
East Stroudsburg

Surprise Birthday: Caribbean
Hello Alice,
We thank you again for playing such an important role in creating a unique and memorable experience for Erick and myself. We were so caught up in the moment that we realized half way into our trip returning home, that we forgot the birthday balloon.
Erick & Renee

Italian Regional
Good day Chef Alice,
Just wanted to start off by saying Thank You the experience was most wonderful, and unforgettable. We are checking our schedules to figure out when we can bring the rest of our crazy family for a Mexican class.
Thanks again,
Brad & Tess Watson

College Reunion
Planning a weekend for nine ladies was, I said, like herding cats. We were converging from the Poconos from New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Illinois. Our eating preferences ranged from complete vegetarian, fish eating vegetarians, turkey eating vegetarians (don”t ask), one pregnant vegetarian who ate fish and one who basically eats nothing but cheese, bread and potatoes.
Enter Alice. I knew I wasn’t interested in a typical wedding-type caterer and I had looked into cooking classes as an activity early in the planning process. I remember being SO disappointed in the baked ziti and steamed broccoli that was showing up on all of the menus I requested. Then I remembered Alice from the cooking classes. Did she do catering? Oh, yes she did.

I never booked any sort of catered affair before, and Alice walked through each step with me. She took the time to answer each and every of the 10,000 questions I had constantly going beyond the role of a caterer. She helped me with finding in-house staff for clean-up, she helped me work out a menu that suited everyone, she even suggested wine/cheese pairings for an activity I was planning!

And then the food. From the mezze platter that opened the weekend to the fabulous sliders, to the tuna and white bean salad, to the thai salad that had us literally squealing with delight, Chef Alice prepared everything healthfully and deliciously! Everything was labeled and the instructions walked us through all of the preparation. She made sure there was plenty of food and was a delight to work with!
I highly recommend Alice, and the next time we visit the Poconos we will definitely be having her cater our event again! Lovely lady, great chef and a delight to work with. And she’s a hoot, it was nice to get in a belly laugh or two!
Ginny O’Neil

French Dinner Party
I want to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for us. Your timing was impeccable and the food was beyond fabulous. It tasted wonderful and was so beautiful; it was art that we got to eat. I never once had any doubt from the beginning of the party that you would do everything to the highest level, and by golly, you did. Thank you Alice, and I look forward to another dinner party in the future, if you’re up to it!
Vicky & Bob Tarleton
Wilkes-Barre. PA

Bachelorette Party: Mexican
Hi Alice,
Just a quick note from all of us girls to say thank you again for a wonderful Saturday night (sorry you had to witness various states of debauchery!).  Dinner was delicious; we all enjoyed the meal and your company tremendously, and you certainly made our bachelorette a very, very happy girl.  It was a pleasure working with you and we greatly appreciate your assistance in ensuring it was a wonderful and memorable weekend for our whole party. Take care!

Engagement Party
The tapas-themed menu you created far exceeded our expectations, and made Brian and I even more excited about our honeymoon to Spain! You were such a pleasure to work with and beyond patient with my many calls and questions. Our guests raved about your delicious food, and commented how authentic the tapas were. I can easily see why you came so highly recommended.
Thanks again!
Liz & Brian

Hello Chef Alice,
David and I had such a wonderful evening cooking with you. And it was so delicious and you made it look so easy. Thank you so much for spending the evening with us. Can’t wait to try it at home. You were so gracious and patient with us as we learned how to hold the different knives and equipment. What a great way to spend our Sunday evening.
Lynnette and Dave